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Solar garden light equipment need to pay attention to what issues?

by:SRS     2020-04-12

solar garden light is a set of independent from the power supply system, equipment fault is simple problems, so need to pay attention in the process of equipment, let's talk about the solar garden light which matters need attention in the process of equipment? When installing solar garden light equipment, battery should be light on the control box, prevent damage of formation control box; Electrochemical devices, battery is more sensitive to temperature, so should be aware of the temperature of the battery when battery equipment planning, prevent sun point-blank, storage battery must keep clean indoor and container. The correct battery wiring, the system security and power is very important, the connection between the battery must be use copper gaskets, to increase its electrical conductivity, and then use bolts pressure on the terminal of battery and adhere to the connection between the battery, prevent short circuit. The output of the battery line need PVC tube connected to the controller again, join the door is closed control. When the solar garden light equipment, the parts should be fixed. First device holder and pick the arm part, solar panels should be fixed to the bracket, pick the arm fixed at the end of the lamp holder, then equipment good stent and pick arm again one by one to the main light pole. After the fixed, to inspect the parts one by one again, prevent fall phenomenon in the process of operation. And then to the solar garden light debug work, see if I can normal operation, if data appeared normal, before lifting equipment. When installing a solar garden light equipment, the staff should wear safety clothing, wear a good helmet, in the process of the main lifting light pole, be aware of the rod body direction and speed, shall hold the light pole with a wrench, prevent scratches phenomenon, after the equipment, equipment, personnel needs careful observation, xiangyang if there is a deviation Angle of solar panels; Lamp holder whether askew, loose phenomenon, such as problems, needs to adjust. Special solar garden lamp modelling variety, elegance, its operation stability, high security features, free protection free from contamination. Village, park, travel scenic spot can be seen everywhere the form of solar garden light, it not only brought light to people in the night, and build a beautiful harmony living environment. 
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