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Solar garden lamps have the function of energy saving?

by:SRS     2020-03-26

Solar garden lamp is powered by the sun, mainly used in day and night, no expensive plumbing. They are free to adjust the layout of the lamps and lanterns. Their safety, energy saving, no pollution. Intelligent control for charging and on/off process, automatic lighting control switch, without manual operation, stable and reliable running, save electricity without protection. Solar garden light, usually smaller power typical lamp holder for 6 w and 9 w, by increasing the current can get the 12 w power. Made of monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar panels, stents, light pole, lamp holder, special light bulbs, batteries, battery pack, grounding cage, etc. Lamp holder colourful, bright colors, chic and elegant, can make the garden, park, amusement park, etc. Look picturesque. Every adequate power supply, this product can contact with 4 - lighting 8 - a day, 5 days work 10 hours. Can also be designed according to the special requirements of users.  1, do manual work is: cast aluminum and cast iron process than that of the steel is much more chaos. Here, the analysis of the topic of aluminum. First of all, the liquid aluminum firing, then use special grinding tool to liquid forming, all kinds of tag will be engraved on the center of the aluminum rods, galvanized coating after drying. Time limit for a project and messy degree, however, is more than steel data with steel plate shears cutting into the cone plate, then use a roll into a lamppost plate bending machine, then use welding, grinding process such as grinding, after the completion of the galvanized coating. 2, solar garden light, owing to the high cost of aluminum manufacturing process trival, data, and the advantages of common modelling, courtyard lamp price is 3 - higher than steel garden light 6 times. In terms of shape, cast aluminum garden light is not necessarily the most beautiful and the most common, and with the phenomenon of the steel is very beautiful. 3, robustness: aluminum low boiling point, strong flexibility. It is easy to deformation at high temperature. Compared with steel, it is not too strong. Don't usually should be used in windy areas. But the steel can increase the wall thickness, high stability, strong support, the wind resistance up to 36 km/SEC, anti-seismic capability in 8. More than 8. the phenomenon of solar garden light and lighting hardware is important, of course. The equipment construction, project management and quality control of the equipment is also very important. Phenomenon of led solar street lamp and lighting equipment should pay attention to the question is: when outdoor all the leakage parts installation anti-corrosion; All equipment connection parts of the wind resistance solar panels bird anti-theft, outlet and inlet line of equipment and control room rain; Battery warm in winter and cool in summer. Battery compartment ventilation and waterproof; Accumulation of electric power in case of theft. Waterproof lamps and lanterns, insect-resistant, hail proof; Lamps and lanterns should be easy to repair and replacement. The controller should be easy to repair and test.
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