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Solar energy lawn lamp system

by:SRS     2020-06-25
A complete set of solar energy lawn lamp system includes: light, controller, battery, solar battery components and light body. When the sun during the day on the solar battery, solar cell to turn light energy into electrical energy and through the control circuit electrical energy stored in the battery. After dark, battery of electric energy through the control circuit for lawn lamp LED light source power supply. The next morning at daybreak, battery stopped for the light source power supply, lawn lights, solar battery to continue for battery charging, the cycle, the cycle work. Controller is composed of single-chip microcomputer, sensor, through the optical signal acquisition and control, light source parts. The lamp body main function and daytime decoration system, guarantee normal operation of the system. The light source, controller, storage battery is the key to determine lawn lamp system performance. Pivot system diagram as shown on the right. Solar cell, type 1 is too can cells is to convert solar energy into electricity, more practical have monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon solar cells. ( 1) Monocrystalline silicon solar cell performance is stable, more suitable for rainy day, the sun is not very enough southern region is used. ( 2) Polycrystalline silicon solar cell production process is relatively simple, low prices monocrystalline silicon, suitable for use in sufficient sunlight, sunlight good eastern and western region. ( 3) Amorphous silicon solar cells on the sun light conditions is lower, suitable for outdoor use by the lack of sunlight. 2, the working voltage of solar cells to form a complete set of working voltage battery voltage of 1. Five times, can guarantee to the normal battery charging. Such as to 3. 6 v battery charging need 4. 0 ~ 5. 4 v solar cells; For 6 v battery charging need 8 ~ 9 v solar cells; For the 12 v battery charging need 15 ~ 18 v solar cells. 3, the output power of solar cell power output per unit area is about 127 Wp/m2. Solar cells usually consists of multiple solar cell battery series, depends on its capacity as the light source, the total power consumed by a line transmission parts, and the local solar radiation energy. Solar array output power should be 3 ~ 5 times more than light source power, has plenty of light, turn on the light when the short for ( 3 ~ 4) Or more times; Instead of ( 4 ~ 5) Or more times. ( 5] Battery storage battery when a light will be made by electricity, solar panels to night lighting need to be released again. 1, the type, 1) Lead-acid ( CS) Battery: use in high rate discharge, ability at low temperature is low, at present most of the solar street lamp use. Seal free maintenance and low price. But should pay attention to prevent lead pollution should be phased out. ( 2) Nickel cadmium ( Ni- Cd) Battery: high discharge rate, good low temperature performance, long cycle life, small system USES, but should pay attention to prevent cadmium pollution. ( 3) Nickel metal hydride ( Ni- H) Battery: high rate discharge, low temperature performance is good, price is cheap, no pollution, for the green environmental protection battery. Can be used for small systems, this product should be strongly advocated. At present, the widely used lead-acid maintenance-free batteries, ordinary lead-acid battery and alkaline nickel cadmium battery three. 2, battery connected in parallel connection, want to consider the imbalance between single cells, and transmitte number should not be more than four groups. When installation should pay attention to the security problem of battery.
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