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Solar energy lamps and lanterns lighting light source choice

by:SRS     2020-07-12

Solar energy lamps and lanterns lighting source how to choose time: 2019 - 06 - 30 12:02:14 source: < p > solar series design of lamps and lanterns with the progress of science and technology is more and more advanced. Such as solar street light, solar garden light, solar lawn lamp needs improving the structure of the overall design, especially  lighting light source of choice is especially important, light source to select points such as high photosynthetic efficiency, energy saving, long life to choose, at present, the solar lamps using LED lamp holder is the most common, it is in line with these points, high brightness, long life  wind resistance ability is also very important, was calculated only mastered the use of detailed meteorological information and conditions of use, combined with practical experience, to optimize the design of the system, can ensure that solar lights work properly. At present, in view of the solar lamp special light source is less, in order to reduce the loss of limited energy, light source, try to choose the dc source. At present the common light source with solar led street light, dc energy saving lamps, high frequency electrodeless lamp, low voltage sodium lamp, etc. LED as a semiconductor light source, the strong momentum of development, is the ideal light source, solar lamp, with the development of semiconductor technology, from the PN section to the PN section will be more and more widely. The LED light source is the third generation of light source, it is widely applied to illumination and imaging technology,  lighting, etc. , in recent years, our factory has developed a series of special LED solar lamp light source. 
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