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Solar energy lamp installation steps you know?

by:SRS     2020-03-31

Are the following five primary process is as follows: 1, the installation of solar road address the device of solar street light is the most worry is solar panels, solar panel device must choose the best accept light energy. There can be no trees or high-rise buildings and other affect the light shining on the obstacles, not device in local backlight. 2, solar street light foundation: solar street light degree of intrusive and solid foundation directly affects the safety of the light pole. Foundation have a direct relationship with the surrounding geological and foundation soil moisture around the low intensity is high, a direct impact on light pole. So the device at first foundation should also be very seriously. 3, connection of solar street lamps use wire must use waterproof power supply cord. must not allowed inside the light pole in the process of wiring are the power cord connector, cable, lamp holder and the power supply first, then connect the solar panels, if it is the day, lamp holder and the power supply plug in is normal light is normal, but after solar panels, lamp holder not light is normal, must understand the order poling. 4, solar street light in front of the vertical rod is bound to put all the equipment and the power cord to see once, see if there is a leakage phenomenon. Poling process must pay attention to safety. In the process of screw fastening stude screws adjust the direction of the light pole, leveling, shall not be skewed around before and after the migration. All homework is a necessary after Angle of screw fastening over again, to strong.  5。 Device after:after the installation, must check whether the device in place, factory just 30% of the battery solar street lamps, solar street light demand by 15 20 days or so ability recover normal operation. 
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