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Solar energy lamp fault causes and elimination method

by:SRS     2020-04-25
Solar energy is a new kind of energy, are widely used in so many areas, the solar power generation and the use of electricity practical way is the most common. Such as solar lamps, solar power systems engineering applications. Small make up to introduce today is about a common failure reason and elimination method of solar lamp. Troubleshooting: solar energy light electricity bubble not lit 1, generally USES the LED solar lamp, if the LED light source can see a small black spots, is likely to be LED lamp beads broken. 2, another possibility is that the connecting way of lamp bead, usually in series and parallel connection, if it is in series, one of them is broken, all not bright, if it is in parallel, it may break a root, there will be a row of not lit up. But appear such circumstance is light bulb welding problems. 3, solar light inside the arms of line problem, if the line contact bad here, from the light bulb flickering at the end of the direct light so far, not to check and repair in time. 4, check whether the battery is damaged, the general battery can use about five - led solar street lamp 7 years, some bad manufacturer of battery can also be used to 3 years or so. So if there are no light can eliminate the problem of the battery. 5, and eliminate the problem of solar controller here to see if there is light is not illuminated solar controller is defective or flashing, should be resolved in a timely manner. Can according to the manufacturer to determine the condition of the indicator where there is a problem. Finally, you need not worry too much about the solar light failure, because regular solar lamp manufacturer will provide warranty, the warranty period please send free replacement new can.
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