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Solar energy lamp battery components

by:SRS     2020-07-29

Is not the same as the battery components, determine the solar module prices, small make up today is to introduce you to the solar cell component classification, specific as follows:a, according to the solar street lamp battery material classification ; 1, the crystalline silicon solar cell module; 2, thin film solar cell components ; 2, by encapsulation type classification; 1, rigid solar modules; 2, flexible solar modules; 3, semi-rigid solar modules ;three, according to the light transmittance classification ;1, pervious to light, solar energy battery components; 2, not pervious to light, solar energy battery components ; 4, according to the combination of building and the classification; 1, rooftop solar battery components ; 2, sunblind solar modules; 3, glass curtain wall, solar energy battery components; 4, building integrated materials;
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