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Several main technologies of utilizing solar energy is introduced

by:SRS     2020-07-19

Solar energy is one of the most abundant of human can make use of energy, is also a kind of clean energy, in the development and utilization, won't produce waste residues, waste water, waste gas, no noise, more will not affect the ecological balance, absolutely will not cause pollution and pollution. No matter where on earth have a solar energy, can be on the development and utilization, there is no transport problem, especially for traffic underdeveloped rural areas, islands and remote areas had more use value. Human use of solar energy has several big technology, namely the solar-thermal conversion of transforms, light conversion and light, moreover, and energy storage technology. Most sunlight conversion technology products. Such as solar street light, solar water heater, water boiler, dryer, heating and refrigeration, greenhouse and the sun room, solar oven and high temperature furnace, seawater desalination device, water pump, and solar thermal power generation device medical apparatus. Solar photovoltaic, mainly all kinds of types of solar panels and the power supply system. Solar cell is a device converts sunlight directly into electricity. The photoelectric efficiency of solar cell is about 10 - 14%, its products mainly include monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon. Domestic product ( The full cost refers to the photoelectric device) About 60 - price 80% yuan/peak. The application of solar cell is widespread. Such as satellites, unmanned stations, stations, television relay station, sun clock, electric poles, black light lamp, beacon light, railway signals. Sun chemical transformations include photosynthesis, photoelectrochemical effect, photosensitive chemical action, and light decomposition reaction, this technology is still in the phase of experiment research. 
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