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Several causes abnormal solar road light lamp

by:SRS     2020-04-24

In the popularization of led solar street lamp at the same time, also appeared such problems, the social practice, according to the survey feedback when the problem is the most bright dawn what reasons. When there is not light of the main reasons:  1, the choice of small capacity battery, power supply shortage; Or is the control of the solar street light is not waterproof, continuous rainy day lead to the failure of poor contact. This kind of situation will bring battery must burden, will cause the battery aging phenomenon. 2 smaller, or the power of solar panels, lead to cannot promptly to the battery charging, in this kind of situation usually use after a period of time, the lamp will slowly dark, a year or so is almost not bright;  3, the reason may be LED lamp holder power slants big, may be caused by excessive discharge of battery aging ahead of time. The solution: when choosing lamps, for long term consideration, not to save money to cooperate with professional manufacturer, buy amateurs cheap lamp assembly. Should negotiate with the manufacturer, according to the local road width, choice of lighting conditions, and the characteristics of the weather characteristics is most suited to the local environment of the street lamp, from the power to the adjustment of the lighting time, after manufacturer to adjust well to regular maintenance maintenance, found the problem in advance, if there is a general staff cannot solve the professional problems, be sure to contact the manufacturer field solution, amateurs free disassembly, lines or other components will lead to damage to cause unnecessary losses. 
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