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Seemingly low price can buy solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-01-21
Seemingly low price can buy solar street lamps? The pursuit of economic material benefit is now a lot of people like to do. But the price is very low really worth to buy solar street lamps? With the recognition of energy conservation and environmental protection of solar solar street light, appeared on the market more and more varieties, but the current solar solar street light industry is still in the early stage of development, professional technology has not been penetrated into every manufacturer. At that time a lot of piracy, imitation edition gradually appear, mixed with the original in that what is true or false is difficult to distinguish. Do not pay attention to when buying gullible. Imitation is easy, but want to also do the same in essence part is very difficult. Like many copy version can do exactly the same in appearance, but the quality of the product is not up to standard. A lot of the use of precision components where they get quality general of others, so a lot of people bought back copy edition especially easy to bad. A simple example, a 30 cost price reached more than 2000 watts of solar street lamps, and some manufacturers offer only reported more than one thousand. No business will do lose money buying and selling, so they will be fudged some ordinary people is difficult to find places, such as the use of 20 watts instead of 30 megawatts. Cost is much lower, but the quality of the products is not guaranteed. Actually between the same product price difference is very normal, but the margin is no more than a line, once more than I'll be careful. Buy the price is very low copy version might as well not to buy, as consumers must maintain their own rights and interests!
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