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Scenery complementary street lamp lighting system

by:SRS     2021-04-30
According to the world energy conference, the world's proven recoverable coal reserves total 1. 598 trillion tons, is also accessible in 200. Proven recoverable oil reserves, a total of 121. 1 billion tons, is expected to mining is 30 ~ 40 years. Proven recoverable reserves of 119 trillion cubic meters, is expected to also recoverable 60 years. In order to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of energy, all countries in the world are actively research and development of new energy, especially renewable energy, to ensure the long-term stability of human energy supply. Measures are mainly in this respect, nuclear energy and make use of solar energy, biomass, hydrogen fuel, geothermal energy, wind energy, tidal energy, ocean temperature difference, wave power, etc. , this is not only a renewable resource, and is a clean environmental protection, scenery complementary street lamp is a good example of using the combination of solar and wind power. Scenery complementary street lamp lighting system, make full use of solar energy, wind energy green, clean energy, zero, zero emissions, zero pollution, power consumption, landscape, residential lighting products are widely used in road and traffic monitoring, communication base stations, ships and other fields. Without laying power lines, scenery complementary street lamp without excavation road buried pipe, without electricity, its unique advantages in urban road construction, landscaping, and other areas of the city lighting is very outstanding. Through the solar panels generate electricity when the sunshine during the day; Rainy day or night, through natural wind power; Use of solar energy and wind energy complementary, scenery complementary street lamp solar and wind power equipment integrated system can supply 24 hours day and night, long uninterrupted. Through batteries to store the energy generated, night scenery complementary solar street lamp lighting intelligent control system. At present all over the world have scenery complementary solar street lamp lighting system incorporated into the municipal road lighting design category, and began to large scale promotion. In addition to the above products, the company also supplies have LED street lamp, yangzhou high lamp and other products, our company has the practical technology, with '*' * * operations team, to create on the premise that the user experience for your service, the service of the supreme good to beauty is our endless pursuit. Because of the people-based, so trustworthy; And * * professional, trustworthy. The above information is for reference only. For details, please contact related staff to answer you.
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