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Scenery complementary street lamp light source, two conditions

by:SRS     2021-01-11
Application in scenery complementary street lamps light source of solar lighting system to meet the following two conditions: 1. Longer service life, light failure is lower, so as to reflect the high quality lighting system, solar lighting system is commonly provide guarantee for a long time. 2. As early as possible to reduce input costs, things necessary to reduce the area of silicon wafers and battery capacity, which is determined by the current. So the same power source working current is as small as possible, so that the overall cost will drop. The price of the light source in the entire solar lighting system and the proportion of tiny. Scenery complementary street lamp electrodeless lamp working current is small, with the power of electrodeless lamp and metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium lamp compared with only about half of the current, can greatly reduce the configuration of solar panels and batteries, and long service life, high optic maintain rate, good color rendering, these advantages are very suitable for as a solar light, many engineering application examples at home and abroad. To store solar electromagnetic induction lamp brick.
scenery complementary street lamp work mode
scenery complementary street light work mode is through wind turbines and solar battery power supply battery components to realize the green lighting. Its principle is based on wind energy as the auxiliary pole. No matter how hard it is generating capacity, wind is normal, every day and every 2 - 4 days to have a level 5 above the wind, and duration to reach more than 5 hours. If a few days to send the electricity, long kui electric battery, will cause the shorten service life. And increase the amount of solar energy battery components, and can make the initial investment is very high, do not accord with the requirement of energy conservation and emissions reduction. And most of the inland summer for there is no wind or less wind season. Therefore, scenery complementary solar street light is only applicable to the coastal, river region, plateau.
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