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Scenery complementary street lamp is the emerging of a street lamp

by:SRS     2021-04-14
Scenery complementary street lamp is one of the emerging street scenery complementary street lamp belongs in the realm of an emerging new energy use, it can be for city lighting and low carbon environmental protection. Unlike solar street light is that it did not attract a lot of big companies, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises for the escort. According to the survey data, assuming scenery complementary street lamp work 12 hours a day, a year can save 150 billion KWH, energy-saving effect is to be reckoned with. But the manufacturing solar landscape lights is a not easy thing. Although the energy cost is low, but the consumption of resources. Early will have high failure rate, dark, noise, etc. A lot of problems. These problems virtually increased the cost of manufacturing scenery complementary street light, if you can't solve well, it is short of electricity saving effect in the late. But more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection industry, with scenery complementary street lamp as a clean energy industry will also benefit a lot. Our environment is getting worse, the more important energy saving and emission reduction, wind and solar energy are abundant clean energy in our country, will be a combination of scenery complementary street lamp to replace the ordinary street lamp, is a very good thing for the environment. So although scenery complementary street lamps and the current situation is not very good, but with the development of economy, the progress of science and technology, making scenery complementary street lamp system perfecting, scenery complementary street lamp this emerging industry is bound to have very high in the future!
6 m car how much light can contain 6 m solar street light
6 m solar street light are all in the height of the most widely used solar street lamps, because 6 m price is not high, solar street lamps irradiation range just good, price is better, so in all of the solar street light, 6 meters has become the leading lighting lamps, solar street lamps in the sales of solar street lamps, accounted for more than 98%. 6 meters of solar street light loading quantity how much is a car, is each solar street light salesman should be familiar with the work, through calculation, estimation and experience, combining to the basic know how much light is able to hold a car. In general, 6 meters, 6 meters of a car that can hold 50 - solar street lamps 60 lamp, at the bottom of the light pole, upper bracket with solar energy, light arms, battery, lamps and lanterns, these controller. 9. Loads of 120-6 m vehicles can generally 140 sets of 6 m solar street light, the car of a light pole, a head of other accessories. Most of the time, the number of light pole, the car space is nervous, at this time, can make the design of folding the embedded parts, can save a lot of space.

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