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Scenery complementary solar street lamps system application is introduced

by:SRS     2020-05-01

Is equivalent to the interconnection of small independent power station, led solar street lamp can adopt maintenance-free sealed lead-acid storage battery components, solar battery components, battery components, solar control apparatus, high efficiency and energy saving dc section, fixtures, equipment material composition, working principle of the system is under the control of intelligent control device, solar modules to the battery charged components during the day, evening section battery components to provide power to the dc load. Dc control device can be in any condition, Sunny or rainy day for a long time) Battery components will not be damaged due to overcharge or discharge. With photo, at the same time control, voice control, temperature compensation, and lightning protection, reverse polarity maintenance function. Control device adopts non-contact manipulation skills, has the advanced optical function, punctual can also turn off the lights, active day and night in the function of load, special lamps and photovoltaic (pv) power control, and has a variety of maintenance functions. Control the charging condition of load monitoring battery components and charging process includes load on and off, and make a battery components make full use of energy, and prolong service life. Adopt maintenance measures: charging voltage electrical components to constraint to avoid overcharge, closed load to avoid discharge; Manipulation of the device can avoid excessive current, temperature is too high; Control device can take the initiative to turn on/off load or components. Can load in the case of over voltage, load, closed.
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