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Scenery complementary solar energy street light will gradually withdraw from the market

by:SRS     2021-01-12
Scenery complementary solar street light will slowly withdraw from the market advantage and selling point is the solar street lamps energy-saving and environmental protection, the specific performance in low cost, low power, small the three aspects of energy efficiency, these advantages make the more and more popular market solar street lamps, solar street light are also more and more high proportion of street lamp sales, especially the supply of rural street light, almost 40% are solar street lamps, and supply of gansu, yunnan, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, Tibet and other regions of the solar street lamp, on average, 75% is the solar street light. A few years earlier, scenery complementary sales ratio is higher, solar street lamps can reach 15% of the total sales of solar street lamps, and in the past two years, scenery complementary proportion of sales declined obviously, solar street lamps in the 15 years drop to 8%, 5% less than 16 years, and only 17 years 0. 5%. Cause the main cause of scenery complementary sales falling for solar street lamps is scenery complementary solar energy street light 'chicken ribs' role first, scenery complementary cost relatively expensive solar street lamps, street lamps in the price of the fan is generally in more than 500 yuan to 1500 yuan between, but very little effect, and achieve the same energy solar panels as long as 100 yuan. Secondly, the service life of the fan is very short, usually 3 years to 5 years, and the service life of the solar panels are usually more than 20 years, so in order to guarantee the normal power supply, solar panels is typically reserved power, prevent damage of fan and lights can't normal use. Third, fan weight is very big, install the fan light pole should be bold, fixing, so as to gain the additional cost. One more thing, is the scenery complementary need to use a dedicated controller, solar street lamps scenery complementary solar street light controller is more complex, the price also is ten times the common controller, so a set of the most common scenery complementary solar energy street light than ordinary high 1000 - solar street lamps 2000 yuan, and the effect is minimal. Comprehensive above some of the characteristics of general solar street lamps factory is not recommended scenery complementary solar street light. Moreover, because of these characteristics, scenery complementary solar energy street lamp is slowly leaving solar street light.

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