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Scenery complementary solar energy lamp panels what are the technical requirements

by:SRS     2020-05-15

Is the main solar scenery complementary lamps on scenery complementary lamps, also belong to a kind of new energy, solar energy street light, because he has advantage than more led solar street lamp, so now has been widespread promotion. Therefore, solar scenery complementary lamps for panels technology is a big request, the following let us led solar street lamp factory in jiangsu for everybody introduced solar scenery complementary lamps panels technical requirements. 1, lead oxide anode frame, high mechanical strength, resistance to the wind, the hail resistant, anti-corrosion performance, etc. 2, can adapt to all kinds of complex use harsh climatic conditions, such as wind, heat, cold climate.  3, solar panels are high strength, high and low iron super white toughened glass, reduce sunlight, pervious to light performance is strong. 4, by anti-aging EVA resin, excellent weatherability of the TDT laminated composite membrane and increase the life of components.  5, imported high efficiency solar cells, conversion should be & ge; 15%, can effectively extend the use efficiency, the rise of science and technology unique properties.  6, life should be more than 25 years, can fully meet the user requirements during use, 7 - 10 years recoverable solar investment cost.  7, output using sealed waterproof, high reliability, multi-function terminal box, with excellent waterproof measures, effectively protect the solar panels charge function. Power 100-8, solar panel component 400 wp, monocrystalline silicon, should conform to international standards, can be customized according to the customer. The above is the detailed introduction of solar energy for everybody scenery complementary light panels, technical requirements, in addition to the above introduction, solar scenery complementary chy-tech advanced circuit design, built-in bypass diode, effectively prevent hot spot effect and prevent short circuit function. 
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