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Scenery complementary lamps related solar street lamp is introduced

by:SRS     2020-07-30

In recent years the solar scenery complementary lamps and solar street lamp development into the scope of attention, people a strong attention to solar energy, wind energy, solar energy, wind energy is now human renewable energy, solar energy, wind energy technology as a new energy do is low cost, high efficiency, if not combined with LED technology design of wind power and solar street lamp systems, could face system transformation problem such as low efficiency and poor economic benefits. solar street lamp system LED technology with low energy consumption, the advantages of the dc work, become the ideal lighting products with the scenery complementary street lamp system. Countries want to quickly to popularize and apply solar energy, wind power technology field, because the scenery complementary led street lamp lighting greatly promotes its call for ideas. Led light source is a kind of power can be turned into light energy of semiconductor light-emitting device, belonging to the solid-state light source, led light source has small, energy saving, long life, tolerance advantages of various harsh environmental conditions, is a typical green lighting source. Especially with the high power white LED research and development success, to make it more widely applied in the field of lighting.  LED as a new solid green light source and wind-light complementary technology applied in the field, street lamp is the combination of renewable energy and high solid green light source, compared with other electricity transformation and lighting technology more in line with the popularization and application of the industrial policy and market. Capacity of each part of the rational allocation of power system is very important to guarantee the reliability of power system. Because the solar energy and wind energy are highly complementary, wind-light complementary system on the resources to make up for wind and photovoltaic independent system defects in resources. At the same time, wind power and photovoltaic systems in battery and inverter link can be universal, so can reduce the cost of a wind-light complementary system, system costs tend to be more reasonable. 
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