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Overview of scenery complementary street lamp design method

by:SRS     2021-01-11
A, technical requirements and factors involved: question one: to set up the way street light level standard ( Single channel or dual way, long road, right, illumination brightness requirements) 。 Problem two: the lights have to set up the geographical location ( Year-round sunshine and daily average wind speed) 。 Question 3: street light usage ( Daily use of time, the use of energy saving double or three) , met rainy day, the system can provide backup power application number. Problem four: system load power? The output voltage and current is dc or ac? Question 5: the system load, it is resistive, capacitive or inductive? Starting current need how old? According to the question, to determine reasonable arrangement of street lamps, including single street lamp lighting scope and street lamp spacing, at the same time can also determine the wattage lamp lighting standards. Strive to do in the case of lighting meet the ideal requirements less erect street lamp, in order to reduce the cost of street lamp lighting system. According to the question 2, through to the street lights that are set in the geographic location of the amount of light and wind reserves examination, including average daily sunshine time and daily average wind speed, solar power system and wind power system of power points of percentage. According to the problem of three, according to the street lamp, electricity usage and street lamp system backup days, determine the battery capacity and scenery power generation system power selection. According to the question 4 and question 5: according to the required load condition, determine the scenery power generation systems and equipment selection. After the above work is ready, according to the weight of the power generation system, bearing ability and the ability to resist a few design of light pole. Design example: under the hebei province secondary roads are added to a design speed of 60 km/h, roadbed width of 10. 0 m, the road for 2 kilometers long, 10 hours, the hours of standby time for five days, for example, scenery street lamp design. ( A) In hebei province, 3 m/s wind speed or accumulated throughout the year for 4000 ~ 5000 h, 6 m/s wind speed or higher annual accumulated for over 3000 h. Total annual solar radiation is 5850 - 6680 MJ/m2, equivalent to level 4. 5 - 5. 1KWh/m2。 Come to the conclusion that is a high wind and solar energy reserves in hebei province province, which is suitable for wind power, and is suitable for solar power, solar power and wind power electricity as 50% each. Adopting sectional type lamps and lanterns, light lamps stent length 1. 5 meters, the actual lighting effective width of 8. Design fixtures to 10 meters high, 5 meters, lamps and lanterns of linear distance from ground is 9 meters, each street lamp spacing of 25 m, the total number of street lamp is 2000/25 = 80. Using single 75 w LED street lamp, 24 v system, the average brightness and brightness average degree and average intensity of illumination and average intensity of illumination degrees higher than the standard requirements. ( 2) , solar power generation system design with constant current, constant voltage and power controller to reduce the system power consumption, reduce the cost of components. ( Actually reduce the loss of the system total 20%, the following in terms of 15%) 1, solar led street light, single-channel, 75 w, 24 v system. 2, local daily effective illumination to 5 h, up to 6 h after day system. 3, 10 hours daily discharge time, 7 PM - morning 5 PM, for example) Period of time at night by the controller adjust the power of solar led street light, reduce the power consumption of the total, and the actual calculated at discharge in 7 hours a day. ( Example 1:7 PM to 11 PM 100% power, at 5 a. m. to 11 o 'clock at 50% power. Total: 7 h) ( Example 2:7:00-100% at 10:30, 10:30-4:30 to 50%, at 4:30-5:00 of 100%) 4, meet the rainy day 4 consecutive days, Another rainy night before electricity, 5 days) 。 3, panels 20% less reserved 4, effective local illumination in terms of average daily 5 h WP present 17. 4 v = ( 3. 458A × 7h × 120%) Present WP 5 h = 101 w the actual line loss and other comprehensive loss less than 5%, the panels are actual demand = x 105% = 106 w, 92 w for the complementary power generation, power cut in half. Actual panels should be 24 v/w, 53 300 ah battery, 24 VDC, or 12 VDC, 150 ah two pieces of a 75 w solar led street light, solar panels and 24 VDC, 50 w a, or 12 VDC, 50 w two pieces of scenery complementary controller a 24 VDC / 10 ah, have time power regulation function, with LCD display, and other functions
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