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Outdoor lighting why lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:SRS     2020-11-28

solar launched many solar street lamp, especially good market reaction, sales promotion. Solar confident, and constantly develop new products. In striding ahead at the same time, however, did not ignore the quality. We take a look at why solar street light is a fine product.

small make up today to tell everyone about the solar street light configuration batteries, lithium iron phosphate is actually article also talked about before some characteristics of the lithium iron phosphate batteries, the add some content. First of all, the danger of lithium iron phosphate battery performance degradation, energy density, though less ternary lithium batteries, but lithium iron phosphate battery normally won't appear the combustion or explosion phenomenon. Followed by the service life is long, the general depth of lithium iron phosphate battery charging and discharging to more than 2000 times, tie-in use solar controller, using 10 years is not a problem. Again, lithium iron phosphate battery wide working temperature range, especially the high temperature resistant, it is installed in a whole lamp on the lamp holder, can tolerate the high temperature of summer the sun. In addition, the lithium iron phosphate battery no memory effect, rechargeable battery under the condition of are often filled with not to put the work, the capacity will quickly lower than the rated capacity values, this phenomenon is called memory effect. Battery and lithium iron phosphate batteries do not have this phenomenon, no matter in what condition, can use increases with the increasing charge, do not need to first put the recharging.

adjust freely multimodal integration of solar energy street light

then choose the low resistance of lithium iron phosphate batteries, can let the solar panels in the resulting current is very weak light, also can give a battery charging, also is in the rainy day also can ensure to obtain a certain electricity.

the lithium iron phosphate battery is a lot of advantage, but its disadvantages as well, that's price is high. But solar energy in order to ensure the quality of products, especially the one need to be small and light, solar street lamps at the same time to find a way to reduce cost, need on small solar panels, large extent improve the efficiency of power generation. So stick to the lithium iron phosphate batteries. The use is of good quality, high configuration, for the consumer to use, durable, practical solar street light products.

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