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Of the specifications of the LED solar street light and power

by:SRS     2020-11-09
Solar street lighting is suitable for rural roads, urban road usage is relatively few, and mainly used in branch and time on the road, so we will find that the installation of solar street lamps power generally no more than 100 w, even more than 10 meters high, solar street lamps power is 80 w, is this why? The rural force are solar panels of solar street lamps, a square meters of solar panels is 100 w, basically can send a day 0. 3 to 0. 6 KWH wh at about 300 to 600 wh, if use a 200 w lamp holder, then an hour's 200 wh, a night with at least 1600 wh electric, if need to use 400 w flat panels, about 4 square panels, then the lamps and lanterns is at least double plate or four board to support, it is a beautiful degree is not good, but the lamp pole need to add more wrong. The most important cost is too high, which is made to such low cost high and beautiful degree, lamps and lanterns is not cost-effective. But the new rural construction solar street lamp brightness is different, light pole generally used 6 meters, light set to 40 w to 20 w, panels, generally with 50 w to 120 w, modelling diversity, to light pole request is not high, and the brightness of the 20 w can completely meet the requirements of rural lighting, overall well than the installation of electric products to save money, so the rural install solar street light, it is very meaningful. General rural road lamp pole height between 3 m to 8 m, so to 60 w power normally set to 12 w, energy conservation, environmental protection and the price is low, is popular among ordinary installation area. Wireless communication is now a popular, such as wifi, with its convenient convenient was welcomed by the people, the wifi can serve mass, in the countryside can wireless wifi on the installation of street lamps at the same time also installed in a light pole, convenient use for everyone.

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