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Meets the high tension line how to deal with when installing solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-03-20

solar street light as the new rural construction is an important project, more and more get the attention of people. Rural road lighting the lamp installation will always encounter this or that problem. Due to unreasonable road planning and various restrictions, we often meet some special cases. Today we will discuss when installing the rural solar street light how to deal with high tension line reconstruction problem. Solar street lamps can be installed in the high voltage line? In general, try to avoid install lamp in high voltage line. A high-pressure line are relatively dangerous area, air humidity of 60% or more, aluminum battery prone to high pressure, fire.2, if you can't avoid the high tension line, when installation to must do to avoid the thunderstorm weather, pay attention to construction safety, don't touch the high tension line, in order to avoid damage. 3, solar street lights and the safe distance between the high tension line, make sure the line 5 meters away from the panel, and do not install where direct perpendicular to the line pressing the solar street light. 4, led solar street lamp in the high voltage line, easy to keep out sunshine, lead to energy storage, easy to cause the battery power supply, solar street light can't light up. Third, the high voltage line belongs to the relatively dangerous area, high voltage line construction is very dangerous, as far as possible to avoid the high tension line. 
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