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Mature LED scenery complementary street light heat dissipation problem and the problem of the controller

by:SRS     2020-11-08
With the development of economy, green environmental protection is a new way of life. Street lamp is common in our life, but street lamp manufacturers through the new technology, produce solar street light, led the emergence of scenery complementary street light led the development of the industry trend, the effect of this new technology is obvious, and its energy use is also one of the social development need. For everybody to care about the scenery complementary street light heat dissipation problem of lamps and lanterns, is also a mature than traditional street lamp technology. We all know that the led scenery complementary street lamps are adopted by the general led light source, so that its service life is very long, now it is in the led heat dissipation can spend more time and constant current, effective heat dissipation can help control the temperature of the led lamp, so it can be longer led scenery complementary street light, use fixed number of year. Although the controller in the whole led scenery complementary street lamp system is very small, but its quality is good or bad will directly affect the whole scenery complementary led street lamp system, life and the use of cost, so be sure to choose excellent quality controller during construction, choosing the appropriate street lamp controller. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can make free calls solar street light price list, and the integration of solar street light, solar garden light, solar lawn lamp, LED street lamp, electric light, price list, please contact the city outdoor lighting co. , LTD. Is specialized in solar street light field more than 15 years, adhering to the: the customer is supreme.
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