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Matters needing attention when installing LED solar street lights

by:SRS     2021-07-24
With the rapid development of society, LED solar street light are used more and more widely in people's lives. Because it is used very widely, it needs to often involve installation issues. When installing, people need to know some installation Precautions during the process, so that the solar street lamp can have a better use effect after installation, and there is no safety hazard after installation. When installing the LED solar street light, you need to lay the cable first. The cable is generally relatively long and should not be disconnected easily. The length of the cable should be at least three street lights. Well, because there are more connectors, there may be poor contact at the connectors, which may cause the circuit to be broken or short-circuited. The short-circuit may burn the circuit, whichever one will affect the street light. usage of.   After the solar street lamp installation is completed, be careful not to hang banners, endorsements, etc. on the pole of the solar street lamp to avoid damage to the line. The connector of the wire must be tightly connected in the branch of the cable, and then insulated to ensure the normal construction of the street lamp. LED solar solar street light is a high-tech product. In the process of use, because of its relatively short technological development time, the relevant construction materials are also incomplete. When installing and designing it, a full investigation should be carried out. , And then consider a variety of factors to design, combined with the different installation areas, in the installation process, take the simplicity and practicality as the starting point, fully consider the environmental protection and energy saving, and then consider the aesthetics. The street lights installed in this way, It can better meet people's needs. LED solar street light are becoming more and more common in our lives. When installing it, we need to know some precautions in the installation process, so that it can better meet people's needs after installation, and better Serve people.
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