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Mains complementary solar energy street lamp design scheme is introduced

by:SRS     2020-05-10

solar street light is a new generation of energy conservation and environmental protection product, the product is a combination of the two aspects of technology: solar power generation technology and LED lighting technology, completed two technologies in complementary advantages, real completed the intention of energy conservation and environmental protection. But because of the limitations on solar battery power and battery technology, so using solar power is hard to be totally satisfy the lighting time, especially in rainy day in the circumstances, in order to avoid this case, the lack of light, street light section and therefore we have developed a mains complementary solar energy street lamp lighting plan. Its operation principle is as follows: sunny solar cell conversion in power through the charger to the battery to save electricity, center control at any time to collect information of battery, avoid excessive charging and discharging, the maintenance of battery; At night when the battery power savings by inverter into 220 v alternating current to the lamp power supply, when the center controller to collect to battery power lack, will switch to the grid system was carried out on the street lamp power supply. This program has strong high, modular, each link is highly reliable products and planning, use of power and energy is also high. 
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