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It has good prospects for solar energy lamps and lanterns industry

by:SRS     2020-11-22

China's Internet protrusions can came quite quickly, just out of 20 years of development, now still in the survival of everyone down. According to statistics, hinduists China has 400 websites, 1. 3 billion mobile phone users, more than 600 million Internet users, number of Internet users is ahead of other country. Internet platform protuberant gave consumers a new consumer demand, which led to increase in the national economy. Lighting companies face the arrival of this trend, should grasp enthusiastically, figured attentively, make full use of the move marketing help enterprises changhong. In the Internet times, follow the new platform constantly emerge, lighting enterprise marketing forms are also gradually keep up with The Times, lighting electricity also quickly swelled, among this, big data carry on the function of matter. What is more than people in the business, but government officials are in every possible way grasp scenes of big data and complicated matter. Indeed, big data brought ordinary lenovo to commercial space, for a lot of impossible before transaction may create a complete, but the application of big data, there is no specification lighting enterprise to use big data well, remove to see its phases, still need to fusion the nature of his condition.

big data era coming, lamp act the role ofing, to the development of an enterprise have to make good use of this platform, the platform only energy has good land consolidation, to make more difference between merchants and quality goods can visually show in front of consumers, so that consumers have the same is the seller, under this kind of form can be dramatically reduced talk prices more transparent, difficulty is big data period is integrated into the unique lighting electric form of enterprise brings huge charge, about property promotion will be cadbury do nothing.

the personage inside course of study says, after a big data intuitive, lighting enterprises can find the owner of brand selection, the correlation of the relevance of higher brand can actively netting up for owner to preferential marketing or service interaction, which really satisfied the needs of the consumers. Site after big data statistical results found, for example, prefer a brand owner may also choose the rest of the several specific brand risk is higher, if the brand netting marketing, will naturally need to cater to the owner, have the effect of the wasted effort.

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