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Inventory of LED street lamp standards at home and abroad for you what are the differences

by:SRS     2021-01-12
solar led solar street light since entering the China market, has quickly become an important part of city lighting engineering, if any one streets without a single LED street lamps, absolutely is regarded as an emblem of can't keep up with the trend of The Times, so, the LED street lamp industry standards at home and abroad and what are the differences? This is the content of the outdoor lighting to bring today. Outdoor lighting LED solar street lamp: domestic LED street lamp lighting energy saving ways mainly have the quality and efficient new energy instead of traditional light source and according to two different sections to achieve on-demand lighting, the above two kinds of widely used for high way from highway outdoor lighting levels to carry on the design of the program, its premise must satisfy the existing road lighting design standard, this means that the road lighting design standards for lighting energy saving level plays an important influence. If the standard too high or too low, will be unfavorable to the development of LED solar street lamp industry. Therefore, starting from the road lighting design standards themselves, to study how to under the premise that road lighting safety is guaranteed to make standard itself more conducive to energy saving, in the study of road lighting energy saving on a deeper meaning, the research work can be road lighting energy-saving research from tactical level to strategic level, so as to realize the energy saving of a greater degree. International: countries for their own road lighting design standards and research is generally on the basis of the existing road traffic situation reference international road lighting design standards. Currently the most authoritative has two big international standard system, one is the international commission on illumination ( 国际委员会onIllumination CIE) Of the motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic road lighting proposal '( 115 - 1995). For the vast majority of countries have adopted around the world. Outdoor lighting is a set research and development, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales service professional outdoor lighting company. Company to environmental protection and energy saving, advocate green life philosophy, is committed to the development, production to the LED, solar, wind and other series of energy-saving products.
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