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Intelligent control, street lamp can bring?

by:SRS     2020-10-31

street lamp light at night is not only the dark streets, but also the way of home. YiZhanZhan flashing from the street, the street light warm light, guiding the direction of our family, city street lamp is like the guardian angel, tourists to travel back from a great sense of security.

today, street lamp intelligent control has great era, it improves the traditional street lamp for mechanized operation. We feel rejoiced at the same time, also raised the question, the arrival of the great age of street lamp intelligent control early, in addition to the lights can improve the operation mode, also can bring?

urban public lighting system of solar street light, have installed on every street lamp testing equipment. Such not only can according to automatically adjust the traffic lights brightness, can also realize to car bearer detection; At the same time, also can be in the central control platform, on every street lamp remote open and close, brightness, etc. Also can realize self-check function such as fault, automatic error.

the realization of these functions not only facilitate the street lamp management the management of the whole city street light network, also to a considerable extent to ensure the safety of the road vehicle driving. In the future, may also replace the navigation system, solar street lighting system by light up along the route of street light guide the car forward.

wisdom represent the future development direction of urban construction, but also represent the new concept of city development and innovation drive mode, about urban whole domain, long-term, comprehensive development. At present, around the wisdom in urban development.

solar street light as wisdom city construction, one of the most basic public facilities, is the most valuable part of the urban real estate. In wisdom city advance, as the city turned up the wisdom of the first symbol, intelligent street light on the development of the whole city clearly had a positive impact of investment and innovation.

brings new development ideas for the urban construction

LED lighting wisdom is overwhelming, the development of mobile Internet and the development of Internet technology, provides a new integrated approach to the development of the intelligent lighting at the same time, the wisdom of the city construction also brought infinite imagination space for the LED lighting industry.

in the boom of wisdom city, solar street lamp seems to become wisdom city a major breakthrough, wireless Wi - Fi, charging pile, data monitoring, environmental monitoring, light pole screen can rely on solar led street light and intelligent control platform to achieve. As an important carrier, wisdom city lights is no longer a simple lighting tool, but a complex of play a bigger role.

at present, on the whole, the wisdom of city construction and the Internet of things technology under the trend of rapid development, has the multi-function of LED solar street lamps for urban construction brings new development ideas.

provide large data support for the city management

with the remote control can be adjusted automatically lighting, only the most superficial function of intelligent street lamp. From a technical level, through the installed on every street lamp, detection and sensing terminal can collect information within the scope of the street lamp monitoring, intelligent street light will bring the city management with first-hand data.

these seemingly useless information, is the core of urban management among data. Big data technology value, is not necessarily a causal relationship, but a variety of possible relationship.

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