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Integration of solar street light is on the basis of the original upgrade to use

by:SRS     2020-12-29
Integration of solar street light is on the basis of the ordinary solar energy street light upgraded, use advantage also will be better, it is to put the panels and batteries for effective integration, on the basis of the guarantee lighting performance is greatly improved the integration of solar street lamps and lanterns of portability and low into nature, highlight the integration of solar energy street lamp installation is convenient, the characteristics of the installations are not restricted. Outdoor lighting proprietary integration of solar street light integration of solar street light is due to the high efficiency solar panels, long life of lithium battery, led high photosynthetic efficiency, intelligent controller, induction module, anti-theft installation support focused on the integration of solar street light, so it will be more efficient energy saving, simple installation, light weight. Integration using infrared sensing technology, solar street lamps to light, people walk light dark, extend the integration of solar energy street lamp lighting time of long life and high capacity lithium battery to ensure the product longer service life than ordinary street lamp; Easier to extend other functions such as timing, voice control; The idea of modular design, ease of installation, maintenance, maintenance; Using alloy material as the main structure, good rust and corrosion resistant function; Wide prospect of market. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call national free outdoor lighting
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