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Install the battery solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-04-26
Battery is one of the main components of solar street light, solar lamp is directly related to the quality of battery, the use of the time its service life. But it is a good quality battery installed correctly, must pay attention to install its regular use can be more effective for a long time. Today to introduce you to battery of solar street lamp installation considerations. Battery installed solar street lamps: 1, organize installation personnel training before you start construction, introduces the installation process should pay attention to the issues and problems you might encounter, and later maintenance way, in order to reserve maintenance entrance in the installation. 2, before installation to count of all parts, to put away their installation system diagram, installation instructions, etc, according to the drawing requirements specification. Before 3, out of the box, take out the battery to take out the battery system diagram, in strict accordance with the system diagram for installation, don't leave out any details. 4, solar street light battery is charged when installation, so attention should be paid to the installation process to prevent short circuit, all installation tools to tangle on insulation isolation. 5, installation of solar street light battery to check all the screws are tightened, designated personnel unified examination. 6, installation incompletely base before the end of handle open circuit voltage of battery and the voltage of battery pack do records, the corresponding information recorded in each street light bar, in order to do maintenance in the future. When installing solar battery must pay attention to the above mentioned points for attention, otherwise will affect the later use led solar street lamp, if you have other problems in the installation of led solar street lamp, can be directly consulting our led solar street lamp factory technical personnel for your answer.
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