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Install solar street lamps to prepare what kind of work?

by:SRS     2020-06-23
solar street lamp installation preparation 1) Tell the system voltage % 6; System voltage is determined by the light source directly, if light is 12 v, is the system of 12 v system, if the light source is 24 v is the system for 24 v. Usually light outer packing will indicate the source voltage. If no mark on the package, please contact us immediately. 2) Cable wire cutting, wire stripping and terminal % 6; Determine lines to panels and light R26; Panels for black sheath line R26; Light red sheath line % 6; Line cutting amount of solar panels cable length = + 1 m high light cable length = light height + arm length 3) Wire stripping % 6; Respectively the light source, battery, solar panel cable stripping. % 6; Wrapped with insulating tape storage battery and solar panels of the cable the positive '+' and negative '- 'In order to prevent the short circuit (4) Wiring % 6; Will light cable and light connected with the insulating tape tightly the points for attention during the installation of solar street lamp first before installing the parts to the solar street lamp and lanterns for fixed installation, ensure that every connection point and the joint after installation of a solid, then light pole installation work, install the part of the light pole, in addition to check all parts parts installation soundness, and observe whether the installation of the lamp holder is correct, can work normally. This can avoid under the condition of lamp holder will not work to remove the trouble again. Doing well the preparation work of more than you can proceed to the main light pole after installation, in the process, in addition to doing a good job security prevention work, to ensure the installation Angle is correct, so that the battery components can work in the case of without sunscreen. In fact, in the process of solar street light project installation, should pay attention to the most should be safety.
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