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Install solar street lamps a year can save electricity?

by:SRS     2020-12-02
Now more and more rural install solar street light, like my company now has more rural install solar street lamps, installation is complete with the manufacturers and customers, install solar street light process encountered many a question is how many watts of solar street lamp installation right? In order to meet the demand of lighting in the village? Outdoor lighting in this is to introduce the next. First to determine when buying solar street light is brightness, according to our actual installation experience, rural suitable for installation of 10 and 30 w, 20 w w solar street light, which is given priority to with 30 w. 20 w can be said to be the countryside using a standard wattage, mainly because: 1, the rural roads are not wide, general road width in 6 meters 2, lighting requirements is not high, mainly for the villagers night travel, entertainment, etc. 3, street lamp height is not high, generally in 5 - Between 6 meters in addition to the above conditions, many rural before installing solar street lamp, would consider the opinions of the villagers, that will also affect the solar street lamp wattage. As lithium battery 30 w solar street light project case, the villagers brightness is not enough, because of concerns about 20 w environment is more complex and surrounding roads, afraid to old people and children at night can't see an accident, so will be installed when installing 30 w solar street light. Lithium electricity solar street lamps to energy conservation and environmental protection, the province electricity, loved by people, but many people who want to know now that want to install the lithium electricity saving electricity solar street lamps, how much a year can save electricity? Outdoor lighting will work it out for you below, lithium electricity solar street lamp can save much electricity in a year. If change a 20 km highway all to install solar street lamp, a year can save about 350000 KWH, according to the average 0. 6 yuan/degrees of electricity, at least can save 200000 yuan each year. In addition, all the 20 km highway for solar street light, save 350000 KWH, and saved about 128 tons of coal consumption in disguised forms, and at the same time reducing the 56 tons of carbon dioxide, 33 tons of coal ash, 2 tons of sulfur dioxide and other dust, nox, about 15 tons.

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