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In the rainy day can solar street light work?

by:SRS     2020-07-19

To this common problem, solar street lamp factory is necessary to explain. solar street light is able to work in rainy day. When several consecutive rainy days, when the battery is worked, battery is able to store the power supply socket by the controller, so when the wind Lin hail comes, battery is equivalent to the army rear weapons and food warehouse, it is very important, in to the normal work of the solar street lamp, also the price for solar street light. Usually affect the price of solar street light are many, but in the design, the rainy days with what often has a key role, rainy days set up, the greater the battery, the bigger the base of solar panels, and the price will increase, if where you belong to the rainy day more, suggest make 4 - a rainy day 5 days, if you place in the rainy day is not much and short-lived, rainy day can be set to three days. All in all, if you want to ensure that the solar street light also can work normally in cloudy day of rain, it would have to increase the capacity of the battery, ensure the battery when the weather is good enough electricity, in cloudy or rainy when there is enough capacity to release. 
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