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In rural areas choose to install solar street light or ordinary street lamp?

by:SRS     2020-03-27

Living in the 21st century, if you haven't heard the word new energy, you are really out. Around us there are many examples of using new energy. In this article, small make up with you carefully look at, so far, the most practical are also gradually popularization of solar street lamp, better than ordinary street lamp which is:when it comes to the pk, really depends on the actual situation, mainly composed of solar panels, solar street lamps, led light source, solar controller and waterproof battery, solar street lamps light source brightness is 3 times of ordinary street lamp, this also prolong the service life of the battery, decrease the cost of the use of solar energy street light. Because of this, many rural areas are in the promotion of solar street light, but can only so much advantage about it?In addition, in rural areas, install solar street light has the following advantages: 1, convenient installation, does not need complex circuit, need only a cement base fixed; 2, one-time investment, no maintenance, do not need to pay the electricity bills, can guarantee the long-term income; 3。 Rural led solar street lamp use less than 36 v direct current, so there is no need to worry about security; 4。 Rural solar street lamp panel can be used for 25 years, the service life of the led light source can be up to 50000 hours, the battery can use 5 - Seven years; 5。 Solar street light has the characteristics of green environmental protection, comply with environmental requirements of the modern state; 6。 Rural solar street light relatively large initial investment, but the late maintenance and management of low cost, low failure rate.Words being said, the price is the most let everyone worried about the next.In fact, there is no standard price led solar street lamp, depending on the specific requirements. 30 w and 40 w solar street light is definitely not a fixed price, a 6 m and 8 m solar street lights won't have the same price. Therefore, the price of solar street light by the light source of lamps, light emitting diode power supply and light pole. In other words, the key factors of solar street light price mainly includes the following aspects: 1, the style and size of lamps and lanterns; 2。 Light source of net speed and brand;3。 Brand and wattage of light-emitting diode power supply;  4。 The height of the light pole, the material and thickness and other factors. Here, even a careless netizens also must have discovered the advantages of solar street lamps, only the mentioned here. Why there is no advantage traditional street lamp?Disadvantage is that the solar street lamps, without the sun, they cannot guarantee the brightness, can't even bright many days in a row. However, ordinary street lamp does not need to worry about it. Another point is the price may be relatively low. For ordinary street lamps, their advantages only two points. So, whether to install solar street light depends on the regional climate in rural areas. If the weather is often sunny, then the solar street light is the best choice. If often rainy season, then consider ordinary street lamp. 
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