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In order to prevent the street lamp electric shock, earthing is the preferred solution!

by:SRS     2021-04-10
In order to prevent the street lamp electric shock, earthing is the preferred solution! Country during summer rain, the street lamp electric shock accident caused the leakage caused by electric shock accidents culprit is street lamp, the lamp leakage because the rain is too big, over the door of electrical wiring, the lights led to the leakage accidents. Want security hidden danger of the elimination of the street lamp electric shock, in addition to prevent water seepage in wiring, also need to will be leakage of electricity import - underground - Grounding. Method for waterproofing connection part, at present the most effective way is to the close connection, the connection place with glue cap connection, and then with oxidation resistant epoxy resin filling, not infiltration water and leakage. Grounding method is to connect the light pole and the earth with a reliable metal, to ensure that even if the leakage will be safely into the ground, not into the surrounding environment. Street lamp of the construction unit should be strictly according to the requirements of the state to grounding, ensure the safety of the lamp.
why customers ordering from the factory is not recommended embedded parts
why customers ordering from the factory is not recommended embedded parts embedded parts is the foundation of the solar street light components, basic cage because they do not need too professional processing equipment, material source, so can be in any city can production and processing. Though the solar street lamps manufacturer embedded parts price because the price is mass production is better, but why guests like to order from local? And why do solar street lamp manufacturers generally do not recommend the guest from manufacturer to order? Main reasons are as follows: 1, high freight based cage have a larger size, bubble weight is bigger, so it is of volume, if plus freight to the destination of the freight, the price is better than no advantages about local procurement, and laborious, cage generally the basis of the locals do door-to-door delivery, services in place, so a lot of people choose the local order directly. 2, delay construction from manufacturers of embedded parts procurement has certain order cycle, and embedded parts casting needs a stage of solidification, solidification period must be at least 7 days or so commonly, if shipment is with light pole, light pole, need to wait for seven days or more to get the construction site construction will significantly delay the construction period. To sum up, the general embedded parts of solar street lamps are local order is more, not from the solar street lamps factory orders.
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