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Identify the battery solar street lamps component quality do?

by:SRS     2020-05-02

How to identify the battery components of the solar street light quality? Solar street lamps factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: 1. The conversion rate, high conversion rate is the guarantee of stable income! This is don't see the surface of the conversion efficiency, need to compare the component parameters;  2. See welding process, the cell string if there is any leakage welding welding, this can be directly through the appearance to see; 3. See merchants, component suppliers, industry mainstream brands, big brands components of quality assurance and after-sales service guaranteed;  4. See a border quality, strict rectangular, error is too big; 5。 See the quality of the back pressure, pressure have uneven, or bubble, fold, etc. To find out is not hard to bubbles and fold, can be seen in the sun. 
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