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Guangxi option is there any requirement for solar street lamps controller?

by:SRS     2020-11-30
While in rural to install solar street lamps controller in the proportion of the solar street light price is not high, but the controller has good running of the whole system has very big effect. General reason for mostly because control street lamp installation problems, so in the rural solar street lamp installation choose good controller for street light running is very important. Guangxi rural solar street lamps controller: solar street lamps controller in the main role in the whole street lamp system is to prevent the occurrence of excessive storage battery charging and discharging, and realizes the control of street lamp, electric control, temperature compensation and reverse polarity protection function. By limiting the charging voltage to prevent overcharge the battery module, shut down load to prevent discharge to ensure the good running of the whole system. Controller: the choice of control technology of solar street light controller USES the contact, can be implemented by automatic switching load on the system of street lamp good control. Therefore in the controller in addition to ensure the quality in choosing still need to be good to control the solar street lamps manufacturer configuration lights to ensure the stable work. As an important component in the solar street light system in the countryside is only done when installing solar street lamps controller to make the choice of the rural solar street lamp installation to achieve stable and reliable operation. We want more solar street light price list welcome consulting solar street light. , solar street lamps factory professional outdoor lighting, led outdoor lights, such as research and development production and sales of solar energy has many years of production experience and advanced production equipment, quality assurance, reasonable price, configuration, to buy the led solar street light, consulting the price of led solar street lamps, contact our online customer service, please click on the lights or call the service hotline, you are welcome to call to order!
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