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Efficiency of the solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-06-05
Conventional street lamp is more and more get the attention of people, the main reason is the low efficiency of the conventional lights, lighting intensity is low, in the night when travel easily cause traffic accidents. Such conventional streetlights are mostly as decoration, scenery is no longer. Now, people have gradually set his sights on new energy street light - — . Efficiency of the solar street light efficiency of the solar street light is very high, the actual power generation efficiency yuan higher than the rated power of the solar system, so the actual working time is very long, solar street lamp bring brightness is bright enough, can the people travel and the lighting intensity of your vehicle. light source in general is the requirement of white light, such ability will let people see clearly, reduce the traffic accident, it is not necessary to bring to people's travel security. As outdoor street light, solar street lamp real cast out its real role, high efficiency, high brightness, good color rendering. installed to prevent rust, plating in the outdoor lighting industry, we called it spray plating zinc plating can also be called a cold. Is using the electrochemical principle on some metal surface plating a thin layer of other metal or alloy, the process of using electrolysis made of metal or other material adhered on the surface of the parts of a layer of metal film process to prevent the oxidation of the metal ( Such as rust) Progress, abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity, reflective resistance, erosion resistance ( Copper sulfate, etc. ) Beautiful and improve, and so on. Electroplating need pickling away on the surface of the oxide film and impurities, in this way can we better adsorption surface. But because of the light pole length is limited, the quality of the materials, the composition of plating solution, temperature, current density, polarization time, stirring intensity, precipitation of impurities, such as power waveform will influence the quality of the coating. Also in use process we found its anti-corrosion function in general, but its price is low let some people use, resolution method is to look on the dark yellow in colour. Second, hot galvanizing for the way we should be very don't mesh, generally when selling or introduction, will talk about him. Hot dip galvanized also called hot dip galvanized, is immersed in molten zinc liquid steel components, a method of the metal cover layer. General will use this light pole anticorrosive processing. Solar street light after installation must have professional maintenance personnel on a regular basis for maintenance and maintenance.
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