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Economic and practical 6 meters 30 w solar street light

by:SRS     2020-11-19

a lot of customers will ask what kind of installation in rural countryside cheap , brightness and better? Solar street lamps factory recommend 6 meters 30 watts rural solar street light for you. Now rural solar street light has entered the new rural construction, before we all installation of high pressure sodium lamp, now the first thought of the rural led solar street light. In general the road in the village is not particularly big 4 - in more 7 meters between. So install 6 meters 30 watt led solar street light is both economic and practical.

solar street light

in the countryside to install 6 meters high led street light not too low, and the led light pole has carried on the wind and anticorrosive design, so as to ensure that after the storm weather, light pole can support. Led installed in some pedestrian traffic teach driving of car, we can choose to install or adjusted the lamp holder on both sides of the illumination Angle. But if it is in the place where pedestrians, cars, solar led street light illumination is even brighter.

when installing the led solar street light you must choose no shade building of keep out sunshine place. Lights for night time we can according to your needs to set up, the customer will say we are in 7 Need lights, at 9-3 in the morning 4 also need bright lights. You need to set up into nine hours of light? In fact no such, set up nine hours light waste time too, at the same time increase the solar panels and battery configuration, also increased the cost of capital. Led solar street light controller of morning light function can timeshare Duan Liang lamp according to customer's requirements.

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