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Each solar street light is a small power station

by:SRS     2021-01-23
Each solar street light is a small power plant currently solar street lamps, collection and storage of electricity, every day can only barely enough lighting use, just like humans had just invented the electric power, can only provide lighting, because now science and technology, the use of solar energy is still very limited. However, with the passage of time, the technology of high-speed flying into humans, the application of solar power is bound to be beyond the imagination of people now, the future of solar street lamps, the role of a solar street lamp, will be more than his current state, it is not only able to lighting, and will be a small power plant, many concentrated solar street lamps, electricity is very considerable. People actually applying solar energy technology, up to now, also is only just beginning, hard as a toddler, but when it is to a certain extent, human use of solar energy street light technology, will reach an unprecedented level, a solar street light in addition to lighting, can also be the excess electricity to power grid, into the thousands. In the future, in addition to the land resources, spatial resources is very precious, solar street lamp, make full use of the road space resources, will make full use of space on either side of the road, constantly absorb sunlight, into electricity resources.
road sign pole is suitable for the conveyor which is
road sign pole used to indicate the traffic line on both sides of the road and pillar, traffic sign pole is made by steel tube processing molding, surface treated with hot dip galvanized. Conveyor road marks rod is installed on the door frame, the height of the edge of sign off the ground should be greater than the road rules of headroom. Road signs rod conveyor is applicable to the following situation: 1. Multilane roads ( To the above three lanes) Need to indicate a driveway to; 2. Traffic volume is larger, the outside lane large vehicles blocking the inside lane small vehicle line of sight; 3. Traffic at high speed under the mixed, shunt and river sections, such as: interoperable interchange at close range build a symbol set in a secret place, highway and highway intersection interchange interchange mainline in areas such as; 4. Limited space, column type, cantilever installation have difficulty; 5. On the left side of the exit ramp response in traffic 6. On the landscape.
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