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Cost-effective solar street lights how to choose

by:SRS     2020-05-10

The solar street light products in the domestic market is multifarious, and in performance tend to be closer to saving energy and environmental protection and energy saving, it may be said there is competition there is development, in the current rapid development of solar energy street lamp installation services also gradually mature on the details, now a lot of solar street lamp manufacturers in product research and development, solar street lamps in the user's requirements in terms of design, not only bring convenience to customers, also better cater to the market, thus win the market and occupy the market. Buy solar street lamp, of course, the most suitable for the installation location is the best, don't have to buy the most advanced, the science and technology, the most intelligent solar street lamp, want to buy the most has the design feeling, rather than buy the most expensive led solar street lamp must be suitable for installation site, so as to achieve good lighting effect. Solar street lamp installation should combine the local site to determine the solar street light system configuration, solar street lamps factory remind users when the choose and buy led solar street lamp, also should pay attention to some problems, in order to prevent counterfeit and shoddy products:  1, the raw materials we must first understand the product when buy raw materials, different raw materials made by the shell quality, or price has very big difference. , of course, if we want to buy good quality the price of the need to pay more, what price what quality, this truth when we buy solar street light shell is applicable.  2, watch manufacturer  we must also know when buy this manufacturer. In general the manufacturer's strength, good reputation, its production out of the street lamp shell quality is more good nature. So we should be how to discern the manufacturer whether formal? We can from the point of their qualifications, qualification certificate, can also from the perspective of the public praise of the public. For example I solar street lamps factory produces the street lamp shell quality is very good, when we buy a very good choice.  3, see when we look at the street lamp shell at first glance the sense that gives a person is beautiful, fashion, simple, production of a street lamp shell quality must have the uniform cooling system is not only to make the whole street lamp is more stable in the process of use, can easily solve the problem of not light pole illumination, install more simple, flexible, make whole design looks more humanized. The best way to use solar street lamps, lighting effect is best, that is the most suitable for road lighting products, street lamp is closely related to people's life, its product quality safety directly affects people's lighting, therefore, whenever the led solar street lamp enterprise of product quality and safety in the first and only allow consumers to use safety, enterprises also can win consumers in the middle of the competition. 
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