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Connected to the solar street light what are the benefits

by:SRS     2020-05-06

Lead-acid batteries currently on the market, if someone maintenance case, can use for many years, in some computer room, communication room, lead-acid battery due to some maintenance, can be used more than 10 years. Our country related industry regulations about battery is: to meet the 300 depth charge and discharge of storage battery is the qualified products. The biggest weaknesses is the battery solar street lamps part there is no maintenance, even if the solar controller has some overcharge, discharge and other maintenance methods, the last defense line of also only battery protection, cannot guarantee the battery overcharge put frequently touch voltage protection value, if the street light photovoltaic system design is unreasonable, can cause a year even touch it over 300 times the overcharge protection value. If the field work of the battery can also like a room with battery, always someone control charge and discharge voltage, make its long-term floating in a small scope, such as: 11. 5 - 13. Between 5 v ( The 12 v system) , this inevitably can greatly improve the service life of the battery, according to the current widespread use of solar street light battery time, can be very sure that next to the conclusion that the wild use of lead-acid battery or lithium battery if someone maintenance and control, at least to improve the service life of more than one times. The best solution is single lamp connected to the led solar street lamp, intelligent remote monitoring and remote maintenance. I solar street lamp manufacturers to cooperate with the China Meteorological Administration, won the national each city's weather forecast data up to five days in advance, as well as the historical meteorological data, therefore, can according to the weather forecast around data and historical data, develop good charge-discharge strategy ahead of time, make the battery data of led solar street lamp, lights always stable in a relatively small floating range, to ensure that dramatically increase the service life of battery. 
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