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Comprehensive analytical solar energy lawn lamp

by:SRS     2021-01-03
? With the vigorously development of solar energy lamps and lanterns, green lighting will become a trend, and LED solar lawn lamp, as a representative of the meantime, also will get a promotion and use, fully explain the LED solar energy lawn lamp today. First use of LED solar lawn lamp solar power for operation, when the day the sun shines on the solar cell, convert light energy into electrical energy storage in the battery, again by battery at night for the lawn lamp LED ( Light emitting diodes) Supply power supply. Its strengths first for safety, energy saving, convenient, environmental protection, etc. Applicable to residence community green grass beautification lighting decoration, park lawn beautification deck. LED solar lawn lamp, structure composition: by solar energy battery components ( Photovoltaic panels) , super bright LED lamp, The light source) , maintenance-free rechargeable battery, active control circuit, lamps, etc. Most of the current solar lawn lamps use LED as light source, LED full long, can reach more than 100000 hours, low voltage operation and is suitable to use on the solar energy lawn lamp. Particularly is LED skills now through its crucial break now, and its characteristics in the bag yesterday there has been a great improvement in five years, its function also has a great progress. Other, LED by the low voltage dc power supply, its light source control capital is low, to regulate light and shade, frequently switch into may, and will not happen on the function of the LED. LED solar lawn lamp can conveniently control the color, the changes of light spreads, dynamic mirage.

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