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Competition in the solar street lamps need to return to the rational

by:SRS     2021-02-13
Competition in the solar street lamps need to return to the rational market competition incandescence of solar street lamps, led solar street light market chaos, all kinds of the price of solar street lamps, all kinds of quality of solar street light emerge in endlessly, in front of the market for profit, many 'normal' manufacturer 'lofty' have been put down shelves and many enterprises fight for market. In the Internet today, guests can always ask several solar street lamp manufacturers, the price is very transparent, is not much difference, but some small company price is far below the market price, even, they offer we dare not believe, because according to their quotation, we even production costs are not enough. What is it they introduced advanced equipment? Did they store a lot of steel plate in a low price? Did they have a better supply chain, are not, they made a 'pure' in the quality of the article, at the expense of the quality of the product, sell shoddy to the guest, such phenomenon everywhere, in the end, even the purchaser not sure what should be the price of the solar street lamps, even not sure which is good. Want to know, out of fire, bad things will one day be trail, doing so is not only damage the interests of the guests also damaged his reputation, but also damaged the image of the whole industry. So, want to can be sustained and steady development of solar street lamps, everybody to re-examine the whole market, I think it should be treat profits and reasonable price, in order to long-term development.

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