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Common deception methods used by solar street light manufacturers

by:SRS     2021-06-22
In this society, businessmen are paying more and more attention to their interests. Merchants will try their best to exploit more profits from consumers and fill their pockets. As consumers, we have to stay vigilant at all times. The following is the method that some illegal solar solar street lamp manufacturers often use to deceive customers, which is summarized by many consumers through the lessons of blood and tears. 1. People who buy things secretly change their concepts and always say that their things are the best, and they praise their solar panels and batteries for their good solar panels and batteries, that is, the goods they sell are good, that good, and everything is good. . Even if it is a branded product, the quality will have a high or low point. It is not enough just to say that it is not enough. Use the integrating sphere to measure the brightness of the street light to know whether it is good or not. Although iron-lithium batteries are very good, the ones sold on the market are generally taken out of old batteries, but they are not as good as ternary lithium batteries. The lithium battery must be selected well, otherwise it is easy to explode. The solar panels are mainly identified by the measured power. The quality of solar energy mainly depends on the manufacturer's technology and standards.  2, cutting corners    The method of cutting corners is not only used on solar street lights, but also used by solar solar street light manufacturers in all products. Businesses will make the indicators marked on the lamps larger, but in fact, the indicators displayed when using the lamps do not meet the indicators marked out. It is generally difficult to detect and can only be detected with professional equipment. If the lamp you buy is too far from the general price, you need to be careful, this may be cutting corners. 3. Belittle other sellers when they buy things, they will tell customers how and how good their own things are, and other people's things are inferior to theirs in any way, but they are all verbal, only after actual measurement. just got it. If the price is too low, it must be cutting corners. Otherwise, where does the profit come from? After all, the cost is there, so generally don't believe the sellers too much.  Practice is the only criterion for testing truth. After using it, it is really good. When buying solar street light, try to choose a professional solar street light manufacturer. Don't just look at the scale, but also whether the business knows how to do it. If you are not careful, you will buy a bomb.
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