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Choose rural solar street light project need to pay attention to those aspects

by:SRS     2020-11-14
For a long time, solar street light is widely used in the vast rural areas, rural has become the main market for solar street light. But many solar street lamp manufacturers to rural solar street light know not many special requirements. Outdoor lighting industry as an important brand, develop many rural solar street lamp, are welcome. Rural solar street lamp design and development need to pay attention to the following three questions: 1, install the portability of transportation. The complex terrain of rural areas, the street lamp on the relatively scattered, infrastructure is relatively backward in some areas, the transportation and installation to a lot of problems. Rural areas, therefore, should pay attention to in design solar street lamps with compact model as far as possible, easy disassembly and assembly structure, which can facilitate transportation, also easy to install and maintain. Rural solar street light, outdoor lighting design structure is extremely simple, single one hand to install, motorcycle bicycle can also carry. 2, the flexibility of application. Rural areas is better than the use of solar energy street light city, some villages are even not the main, or need to install the lamps in a small alley son, some installation in the courtyard, this needs to consider the installation of solar street light environment. Pictured above, yu source of solar energy street lamp installation on the wall directly, flexible usage scenarios, let the solar street light got a lot of popularity. 3, low maintenance cost, long service life. Due to the vast rural areas is relatively out-of-the-way, if the quality is bad or use the high cost of electrical products, will inevitably increase the use of the farmers burden, therefore, the rural solar street lamps need low maintenance cost. The source of the space solar power has unique technical advantages, its products have 3 - Five times the normal service life of the solar street lamps, low maintenance cost, is the good choice of solar street lamps in the countryside. 4 and higher cost performance. Rural solar street light as far as possible compression cost, improve performance, let the common people to be able to have a lower price to enjoy new energy technology products. The choose and buy any product we are with a purpose, because who aren't stupid, not to spend money to buy useless things, this is all have normal behavior of the person. For example, in the new rural solar street lamp on the choice of what areas we need to consider, what are the attention points clear after can find more cost-effective products and meet the requirements of the lighting configuration parameters.

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