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China's solar street lamps will lead the world trend

by:SRS     2021-01-13
With the rise of China's science and technology, China's will lead the world trend of today's China, is no longer a country famous for labor-intensive products, is no longer a country known for bargains, after decades of economic growth, China has changed dramatically, with the development of One Belt And One Road, all kinds of high and new science and technology in our country has spread around the world and recognition, made in China, is a full of scientific and technological content of products, is a high quality and low price products, is a fantastic product. China's solar street lamp, also is an excellent representative of this kind of product, low price, good quality, high technology content, the key is after-sales service is also very good! China's solar street light, sturdy and durable, long life, each year, the light of exhibition, solar street light is a very important role, buyers from all over the world, and engineering are gathered in guangzhou pazhou exhibition hall, with manufacturers from all over the country to discuss business. Many buyers from African countries, in particular, have a special liking to the made in China, on the vast African savannah, everywhere chinese-made , and customers from Europe and the United States, is also in China's high-end has a keen interest in , all kinds of functional, unique design of the solar street light into their favorite, for China's science and technology innovation with unceasingly. In their view, to light the exhibition every year, has a different harvest, to be able to see the updated products, updating fast, change is big, let them agree, they believe that China's solar street lamp, will lead the future trend of , we also believe, as China manufacturer of innovative , China's solar street light, will be more to do better!
as the solar panel efficiency, the popularity of solar street light will be more and more widely in
as the solar panel efficiency, the popularity of solar street lights will be more and more widely Einstein's quantum theory, launched a new chapter, on the application of the photoelectric human let humans will got new beginning on light energy into electricity, solar energy 'inexhaustible, an inexhaustible', human energy is more and more nervous, but solar energy, it is very large, have unlimited potential. Solar street lamps, is human a good example of using the solar energy fully, daylight through solar panels into electricity stored, released in the evening, provide energy for road lighting. Final energy from the sun , the efficiency of solar panels, determines the efficiency of the whole system, therefore, to improve the efficiency of the solar street light, increase the popularity of , should first improve the efficiency of solar energy street light panels. The present technology, the efficiency of solar panels is not high, on average less than 20%, the efficiency of the most commonly used solar panels is in commonly 15%, good can reach 17% 19%, higher solar panels, although in theory can achieve 30% above, cost is higher, but the price is not suitable for popularization and application. Solar panels have become the bottleneck of the development of the , so if you want to get long-term development , improve the efficiency of the solar panels, is imperative. With the constant improvement of the efficiency of solar panels, the popularity of solar street light will be more and more widely.

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