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China's northeast cold region to be able to use solar street light?

by:SRS     2021-02-06
China's northeast cold region to be able to use solar street light? China's northeast cold region to be able to use solar street light? Aiming at this problem, we need to give affirmative answer, because, as the cold region in Russia we installed the thousands of solar street light, and use in good condition, and the northeast region of China is far from the Russian cold climate conditions there. Although we say that the use of solar solar street light on numerical temperature 25 degrees Celsius below zero to zero to 60 degrees Celsius, but Russia temperatures tend to often below minus 40 degrees Celsius, so under the temperature of solar energy street light can't normal use or damage, but it is not, practice shows that when the temperature is lower than the normal use of the temperature, is still can work energy storage and solar street lamps, and in the workplace will self-heating, each manufacturer of solar street lamps provide data show that even in the cold region of the normal service life of solar street lamps will be higher than tropical. But cold region of solar street lamps use where there is also a need to pay attention to: 1, prevent winter snow cover solar panels, effective solution is to increase the smoothness on the surface of the solar panels, wind snow on the smooth surface of the solar panels can be blown away. 2, pay attention to the heat insulation work colloidal battery, battery internal electrolyte is attached by colloid, minus 60 degrees Celsius can still maintain good liquidity, so you don't have to worry about cold might damage the solar battery, of course, use the thermal insulation of solar battery box can improve the use of storage battery temperature, antifreeze effect will be better. 3, adjust the installation Angle of solar panels, solar panels and horizontal line in the north region of the Angle is bigger than in the south, in some places even close to the vertical Angle, we just can be installed level according to the latitude. Above all, use solar panels in the northeast region of China is completely no problem, we have installed in every large and medium-sized cities in northeast of solar street lights, using the current situation is very good.
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