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Changes in trends in the global energy conservation and environmental protection

by:SRS     2021-01-03

solar LED each new application market, at present Chinese enterprises have many LED applications. Would give China's huge LED application enterprise brings new opportunities for development, China's solar LED lighting applications.

to semiconductor lighting in 2018 more than 30% of China's domestic general lighting market, CMIC market intelligence center of China) The latest release: the 12th five-year plan on the led development goals clear description. Production is expected to reach 500 billion yuan, and actively promote China's semiconductor lighting industry into the world's top three. At present, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology plan of ten city wan light plan in 2012 to enter the second stage, Beijing, linfen city, Shanxi Province, changzhou city, jiangsu province and huzhou city, zhejiang province, anhui province, hefei, wuhu, anhui province, fujian zhangzhou, fujian pingtan comprehensive experimental zone, chenzhou city, hunan province, hunan xiangtan city Qingdao in shandong province, guangzhou city, guangdong province, foshan city, guangdong province, guangdong province, haikou city of hainan province, shaanxi baoji 16 cities, such as by Ministry of Science and Technology in the second batch of ten city light semiconductor lighting application engineering pilot village, will further promote the solar led street light.

on the other hand. Is actively join the solar led street lamp lighting in this area, and hand in hand to the international solar street light led companies set up solar street lamps factory r&d strategic alliance. Recent investigations dozens of solar LED application enterprises in China, almost all companies are bullish on the LED lighting market, and argues that China's LED lighting market will see earnings in two years.

China LED lighting agricultural market there are three main reasons can see earnings in two years, CMIC analysts believe. One is from the LED itself characteristic ways, LED cold light source with low heat properties, small volume, institutions closely, can close irradiation plant, improve the space utilization of plant cultivation; Can emit light narrow monochromatic light again, can also according to the need to implement any combination; These are for application of LED in agriculture lighting invented the good foundation.

energy saving energy saving has become a global consensus, the second is the global trend of energy conservation and environmental protection. With the increasing of energy crisis. There are, according to the solar led street lamp power consumption is only one 8 of incandescent lamp, for half of the fluorescent lamp; And do not contain mercury metal, waste can be recycled, and not easily broken, the world become the preferred a new type of green lighting products.

I believe you have seen a news recently, who was famous for the cold of the Arctic Circle, the temperature is abnormal high, arctic temperatures even more than 30 ℃, the highest reached 32 ℃. Now in the arctic, is sometimes warm than Beijing. High latitudes of the tundra in advance green, eggs precocious, migratory birds miss feeding time, facing the end of the drowned polar animals. NASA ( NASA) In a 2016 study showed that if global warming continues, the arctic sea ice around the year 2040 is likely to disappear entirely. This a cold data shows, the problem of global warming now, all kinds of carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution, led to the global climate warming, sharply rising temperatures, so now we need to promote new green lighting products, Solar street light, solar series products) , there is no need to like the LED street light, electric, saves on the wire, and the year zero electricity, maintenance free, the advantages of zero emissions. So that the solar street light has become a hot new energy outdoor lighting products all over the world.

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