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Can solar street lamps and connected with alternating current (ac)?

by:SRS     2021-02-09
Can solar street lamps and connected with alternating current (ac)? Solar street lamp, has the advantage of energy conservation and environmental protection, low consumption, less electricity, maintenance is convenient, safe, easy to install, etc. , but also have their inherent shortcomings solar street lamps, it is as a closed system, solar street lamps of storage battery power if finished, it can't work normally, so if anyone wants to solar street lamps and combined mains street lamp, that the more good, the battery have electricity, battery work, don't consume electricity, if rainy day more, solar brightness ran out of power, also can use the utility to generate electricity, so not is kill two birds with one stone? This idea is really good, and also has already been put into practice, there are many places have been adopted by this system, this is called the utility complementary system, solar street lamps its working principle is through the controller to determine the storage battery power, the trigger if grid work. About the utility complementary street light, we have some words to say: 1, the cost is higher mains mains complementary street lamp complementary street light cost is relatively high, high in where? 1 - 1, the controller of mains complementary street light controller is more expensive, generally better to reach 500 yuan, almost will reach 300 yuan, 200 - The quality of the 300 yuan is implausible. 1 - 2 cost expensive grid complementary street light, solar system with a solar system, including solar panels, battery, controller, etc. , is about two times more expensive than ordinary street lamp price. 1 - 3, installation costs of solar energy street lamp installation is does not require wiring, but the utility complementary streetlights for grid access, so it is need to wiring, and the cost of wiring is quite high, 2, mains complementary street light let some opportunistic because mains complementary as long as there was no electricity, solar street lamps will trigger the mains power supply, so a lot of solar energy street lamp manufacturers to price competitive advantage, it played a crooked brains, to do the solar street light system is very small, even empty battery shell, anyway street lamp at night is sure to be bright, acceptance pass is good, but actually did not reduce the cost of lighting. 3, mains complementary street light a few years is really a common street light for solar system's service life is limited, according to different manufacturers, the configuration is different, the service life of the solar system, between 5 to 8 years after the end of life in the solar system, solar system is actually a decoration, all is to rely on the utility in work, so there is no the meaning of the original on energy saving.
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