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Assembly of solar street lamps need to master the basic knowledge of what?

by:SRS     2021-01-19
Assembly of solar street lamps need to master the basic knowledge of what? Assembly of solar street light is not a very professional job, most people receive the appropriate training can do, and because of the lamps in the solar street light is a weak current, so the risk is very small, basically a little training can complete solar street light assembly work. Assembly of solar street lamp, although is not very tall to the requirement of personnel, but if the following some basic common sense, is more easy to master the solar street light assembly. 1, basic circuit knowledge install solar street lamps need to master some basic knowledge of circuit, know that the circuit has the positive negative points, know the encounter between battery short circuit, know circuit pathways can work related knowledge. 2, master basic embedded parts embedded parts installation is not difficult, properly trained basic competent for the job, can know the grade of cement, buries the pit depth and the relationship between the embedded parts, know basic foundation conditions of the installation location choice, know how to protect the embedded parts of screw tooth, know how to step casting embedded parts, know how to maintenance and basic knowledge of embedded parts, etc. 3, master the basic methods of solar street light circuit wiring the connection mode of different kinds of solar street light is different, at least be familiar with the connection mode of the installed solar street lamp, correctly and wiring
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